South Dakota Mines GIS Support


ArcGIS Pro 2.6.1 is now available! Here's what's new.  

ArcGIS Online

  • Request a South Dakota Mines ArcGIS account (students, faculty, staff)
    This account provides full access to ArcGIS Online ( and a license for ArcGIS Pro and extensions.
  • ArcGIS Online login instructions:
    • ArcGIS Online South Dakota Mines SSO (pdf) (video) <- most people use these instructions
    • ArcGIS free public account, or a non-SSO South Dakota Mines account* (video)
         *non-SSO accounts are in this form: H.Darton_sdmines

Desktop software (ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap)

GIS Training

SD EdGIS Consortium

The South Dakota Educational GIS Consortium maintains an Esri site license that provides unlimited access to GIS software, cloud services, and data to all member South Dakota Regental institutions, South Dakota Technical Institutes, and Tribal colleges. Support for this license is provided by the South Dakota Space Grant, the South Dakota Mines GGE and CEE Departments, the AES program, and the other Consortium members. 


For more information, contact Curtis Price.