Assessment of Learning within the Academic Programs

The assessment of student achievement of student learning in the academic programs (i.e., specific majors) is the responsibility of the individual academic programs. (See Assessment in non-ABET-Accredited Programs and Assessment in ABET-Accredited Programs.)  All academic programs post learning objectives and outcomes to their websites, and links to these objectives and outcomes, as well as assessment plans, are maintained in a central location online under the Office of the Provost.  ABET accreditation review processes and SD Mines program review processes (for programs not ABET accredited) serve to ensure that vital assessment processes exist within all academic programs.   In 2011, the provost appointed a task force led by the head of the Industrial Engineering Department, known for his expertise in assessment and engineering pedagogy, to recommend an assessment framework (with common instruments and measures) that would span all academic programs while complimenting the ABET, Inc. or American Chemical Society processes and criteria. 

Assessment of General Education

Learning outcomes for General Education are common for all regental schools.  The SDBOR defines the seven Goals in Policy 2:7. The assessment of General Education at SDSMT occurs at three levels:

  • Use of the ACT Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) exam as a high-stakes mid-point assessment and use of the CAAP scores in conjunction with incoming ACT scores to generate “Gains Reports” for learning in math, writing, reading, and science reasoning.
  • Use of CAAP Content Analysis reports to monitor at a more detailed topical level attainment of outcomes in math, writing, reading, and science reasoning.
  • Internally developed and administered assessments of SDBOR system General Education learning outcomes for Goals 1, 2, 3, and 4 (i.e., goals pertaining to written and oral communication, information literacy, humanities, and social sciences).

See more details and results of assessments of General Education at SD Mines.