Welcome to Campus! Move-In Fall 2020

We have been hard at work this summer preparing for your arrival to provide you with an environment that is safe and enriches your college experience. Our goal is to support the mission and values of the University by creating experiences and communities that celebrate your uniqueness, encourage your academic ambitions, and foster your development as a capable, responsible adult. 

Your arrival on campus is an important step into another chapter of your life. We are here to take these steps with you!

An Overview of the Process

Each year almost 1,100 students move into our six campus communities in the days prior to the start of the semester.  This requires a bit of logistics, many service oriented volunteers and staff, and all the hope of good weather in order to be successful.  We plan our move-in thinking of the safety and well-being of all of our students.  With the onset of COVID-19, we have been diligent with finding safeguards to help mitigate risk. 

Fall 2020 Move-In Process

After you have received your housing assignment email to your South Dakota Mines address, you will receive instructions on how to sign up for a check-in window through our booking website.  These thirty minute windows will allow us to understand the number of residents and their guests present in the halls during the Move-In process.  This year, Check-Ins will be located at the entrance of your assigned building (weather permitted).   We are unable to accommodate after hour Check-Ins this fall semester.  Instead, this year we have the following options for you.

New to South Dakota Mines and Returning Student Check-Ins
  • First Year and New to South Dakota Mines students Check-Ins will be Saturday, August 15 - Monday, August 17.
  • Returning student Check-Ins will be Saturday, August 15 - Tuesday, August 18.  

Early Arrivals

In very limited circumstances, an early arrival to campus may be approved. Early arrival requests are only available starting August 12, 2020. 
To request early arrival housing,  Application and Agreement — must be completed and submitted/returned to Residence Life by 8:00am, August 3, 2020.
Fall athletes arriving on the designated team date need not complete this form. 

Your Check-In Window

This is a very important time for you to meet.  We understand that life might get in the way and we will work with you regarding emergencies.

  • Your check-in location will be at the entrance of your residence hall. It will be a touchless check-in.
  • We will send reminder emails a few days prior with updates as needed.
  • You will need to provide us a form of photo identification or Your Grubby Card to check-in.
  • We are not able to accommodate arrivals outside of your Check-In window.
  • Residents not signed up for a Check-In time by Wednesday, August 5 will have a time assigned to them.
  • If you are feeling unwell or showing any signs of COVID-19, please cancel your check-in time and reschedule with us by calling our office at 605.394.2348.
Your Move-In Process
  • Move-ins have been staggered to intentionally limit the number of residents and guests moving through each residence hall at a specific time. Immediately after your check-in, please begin moving in.
  • We have scheduled a 2.5 hour window as the average move-in window.
  • We will have a limited number of moving carts available at the check-in location.  Each must be returned and sanitized between each use.
    Wipes will be provided.
  • We will have identified ingress and egress traffic flow signage that must be followed.
Your Move-In Guests

There will not be any volunteer assistance this Fall during move-in.  However, we recognize the potential need for assistance setting up your space.  We are limited the number of move-in guests to two per resident. We recommend the following considerations when identifying your two guests.

  • That they both be adults (18+) in good health and showing no signs of COVID-19.
  • Take precautions regarding exposure and exposing COVID-19 such as face masks and physical distancing.
  • Acknowledge the risks of exposure to COVID-19 (especially to those who may be more susceptible to the effects of COVID-19).
  • Recognize that the guest policy is always in effect.
  • Understand that guests are to primarily help with your move-in and will need to vacate the campus after your move-in window.
  • No guests will be allowed on campus between 7:00PM MT and 7:00AM MT.
Your Belongings Prior to your Arrival (05 August 2020 Priority Deadline)

We have partnered with other campus departments and services to provide a unified transition to campus.  Prior to your arrival, we will have placed your online textbook purchases, packages, and mail delivered by 05 August 2020 in your room.  Your check-in packet will have your parking pass if purchased by 05 August 2020.

If you would like to opt-out of having your items delivered prior to your arrival, please email reslife@sdsmt.edu by 05 August 2020 with the subject line ‘Belongings Opt-Out’.

Booking Information

Miss the deadline for scheduling your Check-In time? Email Katie Wahls (kathryn.wahls@sdsmt.edu) for more information. Students who did not sign up via Bookings will be assigned a check-in time. 


October 15
Spring 2021 Housing Application live
Extended Sem. Housing (Nov. 25 - Dec. 9.) Application still open
Winter Break Housing (Dec. 9 - Jan. 7) Application live

November 25 (12pm)
Housing Closes for Fall Semester 

January 8 (7:30am)
Housing Opens for Spring Semester

March 6 (12pm)
Residence Halls Close for Spring Break

March 14 (8am)
Residence Halls Open after Spring Break

May 8 (12pm)
Housing Closes for Year