May Move-Out 2019

All residential housing closes Saturday, May 4 at noon.  Graduating Seniors living in campus housing have an automatic extension through Sunday, May 5, 5pm to accommodate commencement activities. Residents must vacate housing 24-hours after their last final or by this date, whichever occurs first. Students who are interested in staying late must complete the online Late Stay Application by April 29, 8am. Please remember housing is not guaranteed until Residence Life confirms availability and acceptance of applications - late stay housing is available until May 7 only. No late stays are available in Peterson Hall.   

Move-Out Checklist

A checklist is placed on all resident doors that outlines specific items that must be done before leaving for the year.  Please refer to this checklist for specific items in your residence hall.  In general, all students must return their rooms to move-in condition and ensure the following is done before leaving for break:

  • Return beds to unbunked/unlofted position.  In Connolly - return to bunked position. In Placer - return to height bed was found
  • Ensuite Bathrooms: Clean shower, toilet, sink to move-in condition
  • Ensure all University furniture is in room
  • Remove all personal belongings and personal furniture
  • Set thermostat to 70 degrees and 'auto'
  • Remove all trash and recycling
  • Donate unwanted items
  • Clean room: Dust, Sweep, Mop, etc. to return room to clean condition
  • Close and lock all windows
  • Close drapes/blinds
  • Turn-off all lights
  • Lock doors
  • Return rented books to Rocker Shop
  • Rocker Square Residents: Refer to detailed checklist to ensure all items are cleaned - paying particular attention to oven, stove, microwave, refrigerator, and shower

Note: Any room damage, not returning your room to move-in condition, or improper check-outs will result in fines.

Check-Out Options: All students must check-out using one of the below options.

  • Express Check-Out: Connolly, Palmerton, Placer, and Peterson residents will automatically receive "Express Check-Out." Residents must return room to move-in condition and complete the checklist on their door. After they move-out, Residence Life will inspect rooms.  Rocker Square residents must sign the "Express Check-Out" envelope on their door and return all keys and cards to the Residence Life office.  After move-out, Residence Life will inspect rooms.
  • Assistant Director Check-Out: Residents may request Assistant Director Check-Out by contacting their AD by April 30. These check-outs must occur after the resident has removed all items from their room to allow for a complete inspection. During the AD Check-out, staff and resident will review the RCR and collect all keys/cards.
Bikes on Campus: All bikes must be removed for the summer. Bikes left on campus will be removed and donated. Students staying on campus for summer school must move bikes to Rocker I or Surbeck bike racks.

Mail Forwarding: Mail will automatically be forwarded to the home address on file. If another address is desired, visit the Mail Forwarding Website

    Summer Housing: More information on summer housing is available by visiting the Summer Housing Website

    Donating Unwanted Items: Donation bins from Feeding South Dakota and Cornerstone Mission will be placed in each Residential area April 25 through May 5. Students are encouraged to donate items in these bins -- look for fliers around campus about items accepted.

    2019-2020 IMPORTANT DATES
    • Thurs. Aug. 22, 8am-6pm
      New Student Move-In
    • Aug. 23-25, 8am-6pm
      Returning Student Move-In
    • Thurs. Dec. 19, 12noon
      Housing Closes - Winter Break
    • Sat. Jan. 11, 12noon
      Housing Opens - Winter Break
    • Sat. March 7, 12noon
      Residence Halls Close - Spring Break
      Rocker I/II Remain Open
    • Sun. March 15, 8am
      Residence Halls Open - Spring Break
    • Sat. May 9, 12noon
      All Housing Closes