Study Abroad

At the School of Mines, we believe in the power of exchange and strive to develop cross-cultural connections. Our students study in Spain and attend conferences in Dubai, conduct research in India and compete in the United Kingdom. Many scientists and engineers work on collaborative projects that involve multicultural teams or travel to unfamiliar cultures. International experience through study abroad is a great way to gain a broader world view and global working experience.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: In Tanzania, design teams demonstrated a water-purification system with the potential to provide drinking water, an accomplishment they replicated in Mongolia and Egypt. Students in Chile refurbished a school for orphans. Students in Uganda developed a water system for a university.  Whether you're studying sustainability in Copenhagen or involved in a humanitarian project in Haiti, you'll be engineering the solutions of tomorrow and creating a better world today. Our Study Abroad experiences aren't just life-changing, they change lives.

Getting Started

The benefits of studying abroad are universal. You will be inspired by the sites you will see, the people you will meet and the experiences you will have. Whether you decide to go for a year, a semester, a summer, or for just a few weeks with one of the School of Mine's short-term programs, you will earn credits toward your degree program.

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Preparing for Travel

Now that you have been accepted into an international study program, it's time to plan your travels. Make sure you have all the right information by using our resource links for useful information. 
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Returning Home

For many students, coming home to SD Mines requires as much of an adjustment as going abroad did. You may find that the School of Mines is physically different from when you left, and some faces among faculty, staff, and students are new. Some students breeze right through these changes, others find them quite disconcerting.   

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Exploring Resources

General resources to help with your questions and needs regarding your travel abroad. 
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Finding Forms

Locate the forms necessary for your study abroad experience. 
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Contact Us

Let us answer your questions regarding study abroad.

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. . . with friends, faculty and the Ivanhoe International Center while you study abroad. Write a blog; post pictures to Flickr or just let us know; we'll share your stories and links. Be sure to join our Study Abroad Facebook Group.

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Global Engineering Certificate

The Global Engineering Certificate is available to ALL undergraduate engineering students through the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE). Available to ALL engineering students, it's a good way to develop intercultural communication and teaming skills. Contact CEE for details.